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Protectors Of The Realm. We Are One With Those Who Battle For Honor & Integrity.


Protectors Of The Realm


Those willing to serve the people and bend their knees in honor of the movement to protect the realm may approach the 5 emperors.


Bring Honor To Thy Name! Unify And Protect!

Citizens Of The Realm

Never-ending opportunities for our investors to get involved as we build and progress, we notice those that put in the hard work into our Empire! No max wallet or transaction.

Road To An Empire

We will over time grow our partnerships with other tokens and influencers that we verify and believe in.

Contract Dynamics

Hard coded dynamics adjust at 3 important milestones but once the last milestone has been reached, WeR0.


Unlike the common daily meme creators that have numerous contracts filed away anticipating a specific tweet or short-sighted goal, we r built to not only survive but to dominate and build trust in an untrustworthy space. A new regime is forming before you. WeR1 is who WE are!


Rushing to answer the demands of impatient early entrants is proven to manifest unsustainable and unrealistic expectations. This has become the norm that we aim to displace. It has become an unfortunate reality that we are all accustomed to and have forgotten the basics of foundational community growth which breeds success. 
We will build a true Empire.


What we provide is a sanctuary for all plebeians and patricians to unite for a common cause. We shall walk shoulder to shoulder and graciously accept the elite as well as our wounded brothers along our journey to change a toxic culture into one of decentralized greatness again.

Forged By Warriors

Anyone can forge their article in our archives as long as it uncovers the truth and only the truth about what is being said! Together we will become a radiant light that will unmask the darkness in this space.

For The People

With very new and upcoming technology, few know how to maneuver around it. It is our duty as people of the realm to protect and inform others of the madness that goes on.


Blockchain Journalism

The Degen Dao


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